Top Winemakers is a unique company, created to encourage a creative approach among the Chilean wine industry and to provide a space for showing and sharing the diversity among styles, valleys and varieties. Through a collective work from various Chilean wineries, Top Winemakers achieves new, original and distinctive wines.

We were invited to collaborate on the visual communication of this project from the very beginning, designing the brand identity, packaging and brochures for each product.

For this particular project, 10 prestigious Chilean Wineries by means of 5 female and 5 male winemakers worked together for the first time. They formed two teams "female and male winemakers" and developed 2 wines of very high range, both modern and creative. 5x20 means: 5 winemakers make one wine where each one contributes with a 20% towards the final blend.

Categoría — Editorial, Packaging

Cliente — Top Winemakers

Año — 2012

Fotos — Juan Edwards