Epicentro Chile

“Epicentro Chile” is a Project created by 7 outstanding oenologists, who reflect about the winemaking industry in Chile. The project aims to evolve from chilean "wine industry" into a “wine country”, through a critic point of view.
Chile País Vitivinícola is a publication that registries the oenologists findings. This consists in 5 booklets, that show their point of view about the situation of chilean wine and Chile as a country. Therefore it brings up the main wine industry problem, presented as rigid and barely diverse, and the current "wine momento" that is trying to change that general perception by showing a country full of new projects of extreme geographic landscape, little human development, and localities that highlight from the actual viticulture landscape.

Categoría — Editorial

Cliente — Epicentro Chile

Año — 2014

Fotos — Estudio Leclic